Sunday, May 31, 2009

Haven't written in a while

Hello everyone! I totally forgot about my blogspot until today when I saw a friend posted her's on facebook. So since I haven't updated since like October I think, thought I would do some more updating.

Things are going well for us it Or maybe I'm just taking things better..who knows. Anyhow..the kids have all grown like weeds. Aileen had her third birthday back in January..she managed to cute off all her cute hair right before her birthday. I was not to happy about that. Her brother and her decided to take turns cutting each other's hair one early morning before I woke up. I cried a little, then screamed a little and then went to cutting off the rest since she look like something from a redneck show or something. I also had to shave Justin's hair all off..and for some of you that know me, ya know I don't like to shave his head since it's lumpy from birth. Needless to say it was not a great thing to wake up to.

Caitlyn just had her 1st birthday and it was such a fun birthday too! She totally dived into her cake and everything. She had chocolate cake EVERYWHERE!! She had it in places I had never seen on a little one for their first birthday. She got many cute gifts and was so happy to have attention on her for a Not like that girl doesn't get enough attention anyhow, but she is growing like a little weed. She is starting to walk really well now which makes me sad since she is our last. She still has that beautiful red hair and her eyes are MOST defiantely blue. She is such a cute little stinker and so animated.

Anyhow..I'm not working now due to Jeremy's change in hours. Makes it difficult for me to work nights when he is going to be working nights starting next weekend. So the kids and I will be hanging out at my mom's in tricities at her pool.

Well really can't think of much else for now, we will just be having a fun summer hanging with family and friends. I'll blog more laters!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Still working on the blog...I started reading the Twilight Saga and I have become very obsessed. I barely eat, sleep or play on the internet Anyhow..all is well. I will write more later.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Okay so I didn't start out with a very good was late and I was having issues concentrating. Anywho....just to let everyone know this blog is still a work in progress. Still trying to figure out all the kinks to how this all works, so hopefully it will soon be to my liking.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Well hello! Thought I would give this a try and it seemed like a good idea to send to family members who don't myspace if they want to stay updated on us.
So as for now things are going okay I guess. I was planning on attending school this fall quarter but it's just not really falling in to place for fall. Winter quarter it defiantely will but funding for fall is just not possible. I procrastinated, shame on, so yeah.
Anyhow..the kids are doing great. Justin started soccer yesterday and he was so cute out there trying to kick the ball around. I swear he is gonna fall on his butt one of these days from TRYING to kick the ball to hard. His coach is an interesting fellow and if you ask Justin what he thinks about him at the moment he will tell you he is a Oh the honesty of kids!
Aileen is doing good...I was hoping she would have done dance but she decided no. She told me to take her ballet stuff back to the store, I just died laughing from that. She sure is an interesting little girl. Makes up songs for everything...her favorite is her song to her sippy. What an imagination she is getting. She already has an imaginary friend...actually two of them. She told me their names the other day but I can't remember them for the life of me right now.
Caitlyn is growing like a weed. She has already made up her height, I took her to the doctor a couple of weeks ago and she is already in the 75th percentile for height when she started out in the 20's or so. She just started rolling, she can't do a complete roll yet but she is rolling from her back to her stomach. I have a feeling she is gonna be one big talker...she already is gooing and gaaing at us. She is just soooooo animated and alert, she just amazes me. And her hair just keeps getting redder and redder, while her eyes keep getting bluer and bluer. Well that's all I will write for now. Hopefully I can keep up on this and hopefully people will come look at it.